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My name is Alison Rodgers, I am an artist, maker and facilitator of creative healing workshops focusing on women’s issues specifically associated with mental health, trauma, the concepts of recovery and being a survivor.
Through my personal relationship with my chosen subject matter, I embrace the controversial concept of mental illness as I investigate the problematic place it holds in society. Through my ceramic sculptural artwork I attempt to reach out to those who have also experienced similar turmoil and pay homage to those individuals in their attempts to recovery.
My hope is my work will spark conversation about these taboo subjects, reducing the stigma and breaking the negative connotations surrounding the subject of women’s mental issues and allow those who have suffered, or are suffering, to reach out and finally have a chance to talk about their experience and be heard.

For any questions or commission work please message me below. 

Many thanks, 
Alison Rodgers



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