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Women's Voices

Words of Violence/ Actions of Violence 


This Ceramic sculpture is powered by the bravery, courageousness, and determination of female survivors of domestic violence who shared their stories implementing awareness and change. 

Each face was individually sculpted to represent all diversities within the female community. 

The faces are connected together to form a platform where a voice vessel rests. 

Domestic abuse dish and bowl. 


 Women voices. Made with the help of women who are in recovery from trauma and addiction. Domestic abuse dish and bowl. The dish and bowl are constructed by sculpting diverse and individual female faces and connecting them together to form these domestic non-functioning sculptural pieces of a bowl and dish. I have chosen to use every day domestic objective such as crockery because of it use to serve food from. The act of shearing food among family it is a basic and fundamental expression of nurturing, shearing, caring, and love. The same crockery is often smashed or used by the domestic abuse perpetrators as the first forms to express anger or aggression towards their victim.

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