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3D Printed Sound Sculptures

Inspired by historical and recent events, where the coming together of women’s stories and voices brought about change, I was compelled to create a body of work that told of the power of female voices and how by speaking out we can bring about meaningful change not only as a community of women but to oneself.

This work came about by firstly recording women’s stories and accounts of trauma, survival, and healing. Using digital technologies to translate these sound waves into data, I imported 3 words chosen by the women., trauma survival, and awaiting. The sound waves from these 3 words were turned into data, this data is transferred and used by the 3D printer to produce a 3D printed form of the women’s words, which was then used to create a tangible model. This model was then cast in plaster to create a mould. From the mould Ceramic slip casts were created.

 Other mediums such as plastic and Perspex were used to create the body of work.

They are made from the sound waves created by the female spoken word. 

I wanted to capture each word in a 3D form to tell a story of the strength and bravery of the women, how they have experienced trauma but spoke out and sought the right help and support which lead to a road of recovery. Also, of the women still locked in trauma unable to tell their stories, we wait to hear their voices. 



In general, trauma can be defined as a psychological, emotional response to an event or an experience that is deeply distressing or disturbing. It is any type of distressing event or experience that can have an impact on a person's ability to cope and function.

I chose to make this sound wave sculptor “Trauma” in the black plastic filament. Plastic is a material that has a chemical structure rendering it resistant to many natural processes of degradation. The plastic also has adverse affects on our life and health. By linking these connotations and similarities to the effect of trauma and mental well-being I can show the long-lasting and devastating effects trauma has on individuals. Black is representative of the darkness trauma plunges the individual into.

Photoshoped version.jpg



often wait years to receive help, while others never receive treatment at all. For those who acknowledge, accept, and seek the right help and support can rebuild and begin a life of recovery. When creating “Survival” I chose the material porcelain because of its translucent beauty and the conflicting characteristics of fragility and strength. Women who are recovering from trauma are extremely fragile and at high risk of traumatization. This is depicted through the fragile nature of the porcelain. However, women who are in recovery for trauma have shown tremendous strength to have taken that step. This is depicted through the strength of porcelain. White is indicative of hope, new beginning, and purity, all connotations of recovery.



“Awaiting” is for the women’s voices and stories yet to be heard. It is made by engraving a sheet of clear perspex with the visual audio of the word “Awaiting” made from the sound wave  from the recording of the  women’s voice. This was then laser cut into shape and slotted together to form a 3D tangible form of the word. I have chosen clear Perspex as a medium because of its opaque clear nature. I wanted Awaiting to be ghost-like, there but not there, emphasizing the fact that there is a  place for these women's untold narrative and unheard voices.


All forms are displayed on lime green plinths, as lime green is the colour of mental health awareness. 

The visual audio print out of each word is hung directly above its form to remind everyone of the form’s origins.

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